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Here's to our mum's and celebrating them!

If you are wanting to give your mum the gift of flowers this year why not give her a gift that will last longer than a few days? A dried flower bouquet is perfect for the mum who won't remember to change the water in the vase every couple of days. These bouquets will last until next Mother's Day, so they really are a worthy investment gift!

Colour choices: Pastels, Neutrals, Dark & Moody or Brights.

Available for delivery or pick up from Tuesday 28th April to Saturday 2nd May. 

You will be emailed with information on delivery slots closer to Mother's Day.


Note: Bouquets will look similar to these bouquets but won't be exactly the same. My hope is to have enough proteas for every bouquet that requests one. Otherwise it will have another statement flower.