Next drop February 1st 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you based and can you send wreaths by courier?

A. My workshop is based in Hamilton East and I service the Waikato area . If you are outside of this area I am able to courier most wreaths and items but larger packages do incur a higher shipping cost. 

Q. How long do the dried flowers last?

A. The flowers can last from 12 months and potentially to a many years as long as they are treated with the delicacy they need. I have some dried flowers that are over 5 years old.

Q. How do I care for my dried flowers?

A. Place your flowers where they won't accidentally get brushed or walked into. Keep out of direct sunlight to minimize colour fade. Dried flowers last best in a cool dry room. There will still be some colour fade as the flowers get's older but it add to the charm. Some shedding is to be expected.

Q. If you have sold I wreath I like are you able to make me another one?

A. In some cases I can recreate a similar looking wreath depending on the materials I have at hand, but I can never exactly recreate a wreath I have made before which makes every single one unique.

Q. How do I send my wedding the bouquet to you?

A. The sooner I receive the flowers, the better they will look when they are dried. Have your maid-of-honour or someone local to Hamilton deliver them to my work shop in Hamilton East or send them using the NZ Post Overnight Courier Service
Please don't put the flowers in water, freezer or place them in a refrigerator.
When you're ready to courier the flowers place them in a large plastic bag and blow a little air into the bag and then place the bag into a box, add some tissue paper or newspaper so that the flowers don’t move around too much in the box, and take it to your local post office. Please let me know once you’ve sent it.

Q. What if the event has already taken place?

A. Please message me on Facebook or Instagram with the word URGENT at the top of the message.

Q. How long until I get my wedding wreath?

A. The drying process varies by flower and can take up to 2 months. I will let you know as soon as I start working on the wreath

Q. Do the flowers change colour?

A. There will always be some changes of colour between fresh and dried flowers. If you want to keep the colour of your flowers more vibrant the is an extra charge for the use of silicon beads to dry the main flowers.

Flowers that we do not recommend for preservation include:
Succulents, lilies, bouvardia, asparagus fern, anthurium and orchids.
Most florals and foliages are suitable for preservation but we can talk about your bouquet when you make contact to make sure drying is suitable for you.