Bridal Services


Turning your bouquet into an everlasting memory with a dried floral wreath.

I'm guessing you have clicked on this page because you have recently gotten engaged and are planning a wedding? Well, congratulations, this is such an exciting time for you! I myself got married at the end of April 2019 so I'm still buzzing with you!
But what can I do for you? Well one of the main reasons I started The Spanish Bluebell was to provide a service for bride's, like yourself, who don't want to say goodbye to their bridal bouquet after one day. I wanted to provide an affordable solution for any bride in the Waikato Region.
So, how it works is you get someone like you mum, maid of honour etc to take your bouquet home with them. Then they can send it to me or drop it to my workshop within 3 days of the wedding. After approximate 6 weeks I will contact you to let you know that I have started turning your bouquet into a wreath and what the final cost will be (between $70 to $155).
Please send me a message as I would love to hear from you and how I can create an everlasting memory for you!
Please email me at for all bridal enquireries.
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